I couldn't be happier with the work Steve has done on my car. I don't think the paint has ever looked this good. I had put a few marks in, and the paint was looking a little flat. The black looks super deep and almost mirror like. I also had my alloys re-furbished and everything coated in ceramic glass. Don't hesitate if your on the edge, your car will thank you. 10/10 service and a great guy.


We took our brand new top of the range, Range Rover Evoque which we bought from Hunters Land Rover a week after collecting it. The car is all black and from collection I noticed several minor swirls, nothing major but they were there all the same. Steve was thorough when booking in and even more thorough on the detailing. The issues were greater than I first realised and Steve got in touch early enough advising where to go from that point. I asked Steve to rectify regardless of cost and he did a stunning job. The car is substantially glossier than it was on collection and water beads off like nothing I've ever seen before. We had the Zenith Package which is pretty much everything you could do to the paint and interior. Highly recommended, do not hesitate to book in.


I saw some of Steve's work on his Instagram and got in contact with him. Initially I couldn't make a booking in the time frame he had but he was so easy talk to and it felt like he really wanted to work on my car, eventually we managed to arrange a booking. When I dropped the car off we had a chat and I could tell he really loves what he's doing, and when you see your job as more of a hobby I think there's a lot more effort involved! Steve then kept me up to date throughout the whole process and I could also see some pics he was posting on Instagram. When I picked up my mk3 focus RS from the dealer I couldn't of been happier, but then only one month later when I was on my way back to collect it from steve I was blown away the paint work 'pops' a lot more it was like looking in a mirror! The shine that the liquid elements 3K shield he applied has certainly done its job! The paint work is perfect now, water just beads away like it doesn't want to be there, and dirt struggles to stick! And this will last three years! Steve has done such a good job and I highly recommend his work and this product to anyone looking at getting any detailing done! 


I Had the new car protection detail done, with the ceramic glass coating. Must say Steve has done a fantastic job at making it look even better than it did already, only problem is, it's too good to get out of the garage now, although I'm confident it's now well protected from this abysmal weather.Even took my work car to him the next day to perform his magic, & believe me he had his work cut out cleaning that one up, but very pleased with the end result.


Dexterous Detailing is exactly how to describe the service Steve offers, the care and attention given is second to none! Steve goes the extra mile to assure a beautifully presented vehicle.


Having taken delivery of a brand new car I was very disappointed with the bodywork and was no way going to let the dealer rectify.
From a lot of recommendations I got in touch with Steve at Dexterous Detailing who was extremely friendly and professional. He took the car and made it look better than I could have ever, ever of imagined! 

Top job, best detailer I’ve ever seen!


Anyone that knows me will know how particular, some may say anal, I am about my cars appearance. Always polished to a high level and spotless inside and out. After an unfortunate accident at a Dealers, my bodywork was left quite damaged with myself quite heartbroken after only buying the car new in November 2016. Credit to the Dealer, they paid to put it right without quibble - now the hunt was on! Who could I, "Mr Particular" find that I could trust and have faith in to bring my car back to its original glory. I did my research I put my faith in Steve. How did I arrive at this decision you may ask? He works alone as does not trust others to work in his name for one indicating great pride in his work. He using only the best in modern compounds to satisfy himself of the result. Anyway, I picked my car back up today and I am happy to report that he failed! My car is BETTER than when I collected it new, I kid you not! You can see the damage caused and the progress Steve made in his feed, hopefully he will post the finished photo soon. Trust me, this man is phenomenal


Had my Insignia Elite done and it looks better than when it was new and its 6 years old. a stunning job thanks Steve.


Fantastic service from start to finish. A true professional that takes immense pride in his work - a truly skilled detailing technician evident by the stunning results. None of my cars have ever looked so immaculate, even the new ones, the only downside is I don't want to drive it until Summer! Thank you Steve, I always said I'd do it one day


I cannot praise Steve enough for the work put into my Alfa Giulietta. The car was bought brand new, with the paint in a poor state after a car "wash" was carried out by the dealer. The paint finish is now completely transformed and is now far better than I had ever hoped! I also had the wheels detailed and sealed along with ceramic glass applied to the bodywork and Windows sealed. The effort put in has been incredible!


Had a light enhancement done as well as ceramic coating.

Really happy! Car basically looks brand new!

Highly recommended and will definitely be using again in the future!


Thanks Steve loving my car it looks amazing inside and out and the purple on my wheels looks mint.

Thank you so much an amazing job done lovely to support a local business rather than paying a garage more and not getting as much for your money or such a high standard as you are a perfectionist as you can tell when collecting the car its like wow.

Highley recommend as not only a fantastic job but a lovely genuine chap as well