Protection Detail

The Protection Detail is our entry level package. See it as an extremely comprehensive exterior valet which includes a safe wash and 3 stage decontamination. This and the KKD Si-STAL coating will achieve a high quality finish and a lasting protection. Ideal for cars that don't require paint correction

Small - £150

Medium - £180

Large - £210

Ex Large - £250


Light Enhancement Detail

Building on what is offered with the Protection Detail, the Light Enhancement Detail replaces a wax with a Stage 1 paint correction. Using a single step product with advanced machine polishers to remove rather than temporarily hide many of the lighter paint defects and enhancing clarity in the paintwork. (expect to see a 60% improvement depending on vehicle and condition)

Small - £279

Medium - £319

Large - £369

Ex Large - £419


Enhancement Detail

Taking the Light Enhancement Detail up a level, here the single stage polish is replaced with a two stage program. Utilising a heavier cut product to remove deeper defects followed by a refining product to significantly enhance gloss. (expect to see an 80% improvement depending on vehicle and condition)

Small - £419

Medium - £459

Large - £499

Ex Large - £549


Correction Detail

The Correction Detail is our ultimate detail. The aim is to remove as many paint defects as is safe to do so before refining the paint to a high gloss finish. There are no set number of stages here, we just keep going until we're fully satisfied that we've got the finish to the best it can be. Constantly checking for defects using our advanced lighting, we ensure that every defect that could be removed is removed. (you can expect to see a 95% improvement depending on vehicle and condition)

From £POA


Ceramic Glass Coatings

Ceramic glass coatings become the new surface of the vehicle protecting the paint from swirl marks and fine scratching, bird muck etching, paint fade and blemishes. With a lifespan of up to 3 years, never needing to wax or polish the paint as you'll always have that showroom finish after every wash. The durable, hydrophobic and UV protecting ceramics are the best form of protection you can have for any vehicle. 

The ceramic glass coatings can be added to any of or detailing packages

FEYNLAB Ceramic v2

Small - £319

Medium - £369

Large - £399

Ex Large - £429


Small - £519

Medium - £569

Large - £599

Ex Large - £629


Intensive Roof Clean and Weatherproof

Have your cars convertible roof cleaned and weather protected the right way. All imbedded dirt, mould, bird droppings, tree sap and cat hair are removed leaving the fabric looking fresh and revitalised. A weather proof sealant is then applied to give it the protection it needs to prolong its appearance and safeguard against poor weather conditions

From: £90


Intensive Leather Clean & Condition

Have the lether interior of your vehicle deep cleaned to revive it's original appearance. Cleaned using a PH Balanced product, all grease, dirt and grime will be removed. We'll then apply a high quality conditioner to replace all the oils needed to keep the leather remaining soft and supple. You could choose to upgrade instead to a Leather Dye Block to prevent colour transfer from clothing to the leather. Perfect solution for those light coloured leathers.

From: £99


Maintenance Clean

The Maintenance Wash is a service offered to existing customers that have had their cars detailed by us. It's there so that the money you've paid to get your car looking it's best doesn't go to waste. The temptation of getting your car cleaned by the local Hand Car Wash companies can be too great to resist when your car is in need of a wash and you don't have the time to do it. But with the chemicals they use, it's possible the protection added to the paint will be removed. So book your car in with us for the Maintenance Wash to ensure the car remains as good as the day you had it detailed.

From: £45